Where can I download MDx?

You can download MDx from 2 official channels:

Try to avoid dowlowing MDx from other places.

Can I download MDx by cloning the Git Repo>

Try to avoid that.

Every time a new version is released, MDx's building system will automatically pull the latest theme file and package and release it after making some modifications (compressing CSS, writing version information, removing unnecessary files, etc.). If you directly clone the repo, you may encounter problems such as the setting data being emptied and the updated version being incorrect, please do not do so.

Of course, we are not denying you to clone the repo, we just don't recommend downloading the theme in this way.

How to ensure that the theme I downloaded has not been modified by others?

MDx website provides the hash value of the latest version. You can compare the hash to ensure that the theme you downloaded is up-to-date and has not been modified by others.


What if the website cannot display normally after installing the theme?

MDx has been tested in mainstream configuration, if you encounter problems, please check your environment first and confirm whether MDx is causing the problem. If the problem is caused by MDx and cannot be solved, please feedback.

Where should I go for feedback if I encounter problems?

You can feedback and ask questions through the following 3 channels:


Can I modify the theme?

Yes. MDx is published under GPL V3.0 license. You can freely modify the theme if you are obeying the license.

As an additional clause, you cannot modify or remove the words "Theme: MDx By AxtonYao" at the bottom of the page, otherwise please do not use MDx.

If you feel that the changes you have made are also helpful to other users, please submit Pull Requests. Please refer to Help Us.

What should I do if my changes are lost after the update?

This is due to the update logic of WordPress. WordPress will overwrite the old version of the files with the new version of the files during the update process, which will overwrite your changes as well.

To keep your changes, please consider using Child Themes.

Other Questions

How to ask questions properly?

Please refer to How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

What should I do if I believe MDx is unusable and is like rubbish?

I agree.