Upgrade From 1.x

This page guides you to smoothly upgrade from MDx 1.x to 2.x and solve any problems that may arise.

Backup Your Database

You should back up your database before making any changes so you can easily roll back the database if there is an error.

Emoji in Comments

Since MDx 2.0 completely removes the dependency on jQuery, the old version of the "Emoji in Comments" plugin is no longer working. Please uninstall the old version and download the latest version from Emoji in Comments to install it.

Remove jQuery

MDx 2.0 completely removed the dependency on jQuery. If you find any Javascript issues with other plugins after upgrading the theme, you can try to open the "MDx theme - Features - Misc - Load jQuery on the front end" option to load jQuery on the front end. However, this is a temporary option and will be removed in future versions. If your front-end page any has other resources that depend on jQuery, please make sure that it is not affected by MDx's removal of jQuery.

Browser compatibility

Since MDx 2.0, MDx is no longer compatible with IE browsers, and other older browsers may have some problems, but MDx will always guarantee the compatibility of the latest and recent versions of common browsers.

Other Issues

If you have any other issues, please go to GitHub and create a new issue.